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Scientifically Proven

Bliu Bliu is based on Direct method, scientifically proven to give extreme learning curve in acquiring a second language.

Real World Content

Bliu Bliu filters content from the internet at your level, based on what you like and what you already understand.

100+ Languages

Bliu Bliu works with any language on the planet. If the language you want to practice is not in the list...we can add it quite fast.


I’m just a beginner in Spanish but with Bliu Bliu I have been able to quickly learn more than a thousand words. In addition, I’ve learned quite a bit about Spain and the Spanish speaking world from the articles Bliu Bliu presents.
In the murky waters between 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' it is really hard to find materials that are just right for my skill, yet Bliu Bliu does it for me! Plus I have learnt lots about the Iranian election ;)
Joy G.
It’s an amazing idea, just how you have to learn by actually learning, and not memorizing endless things. It’s exactly like you were in a country surrounded only by that country’s language.