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Bliu Bliu
learn languages the fun way

A flexible method to study languages: Bliu Bliu adapts to you instantly.
You won't find lessons or list of vocabulary to learn: Bliu Bliu helps you to improve your skills by using engaging and fun content from the Internet.
It’s impossible to get stuck, impossible to give up.

More than just children's books
Easy + Interesting Content

When you start learning a language it looks like children's books and cartoons are the only thing you can understand...but they might not be very interesting! Luckily there is so much more you can understand, no matter what your level. Bliu Bliu finds content on the Internet that you can understand today, about topics you’re interested in. So instead of reading books for children or watching cartoons, you can read about interesting topics and watch compelling videos. And everything is in the language you are trying to learn.

Afraid to talk?

We don’t want you to feel stupid while you learn a language. Bliu Bliu makes sure you progress day after day in a confident way, being challenged with interesting content exactly at your level.

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Mistakes are good!
Perfect practice makes you perfect

It's easy to feel embarrassed for making a mistake when everybody around you is a native speaker and can correct you, destroying your confidence with a small critique.
But making mistakes is vital to learning. On Bliu Bliu we give you the freedom to try, to have fun while making mistakes and to get the right amount of feedback. Nobody wants to feel stupid.
Everybody wants to have fun!

Too hard to learn?
If a 4 year old can speak it...

95% of people give up and think it’s too hard to learn a language
Everybody has the talent to learn languages - you did it with your native language, right? For sure there are languages harder than others and when you focus on learning grammar everything becomes harder and it’s easy to give up.
But if a 4 year old can speak and understand it, so can you!
On Bliu Bliu we make it really hard not to learn a language.

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Stop feeling like a stranger
Start understanding the environment around you

When people around you talk, you won’t feel like a stranger.
Phase 1: We make sure you understand the language, the people, the culture.
Phase 2: We give you the tools to talk about everything that’s on your mind.
Phase 3: You will get feedback and become as good as a native speaker.

Connect with real people
Talk with native speakers, Friends and Colleagues

We bring real people into your life. Bliu Bliu makes it easy to start a conversation and to keep it going, facilitating the entire process and making sure you always understand.
In a traditional course you understand the teacher, but it’s so frustrating when you go home and you can’t understand your partner and your friends. Bliu Bliu will help, filtering the environment around you always at your level.

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Bliu Bliu is Free
But you can always support us if you feel like

We believe everybody should get access to education, learning languages included. This is why, if you can't afford it, we are willing to offer you Bliu Bliu for free.
You always decide how valuable Bliu Bliu is for you and what would be a fair price: it can't get better than this.

Wondering how Bliu Bliu works?
A day on Bliu Bliu:

First you check a video from your recommended list, filtered based on your interests.
Then you go and read today’s news.
Bliu Bliu suggests for you jokes and some new music videos.
You start a conversation about your new favorite artist, then reply to a new friend you met yesterday in chat.
Oh yeah, we almost forgot, everything is happening by using the language you want to learn.