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Bliu Bliu Challenge is a fast track language-learning course that is especially effective. The purpose of the 30 days language Challenge is twofold:

- Teach a new language without teaching grammar
- Build a habit of learning

By joining Bliu Bliu language Challenge you join a community of language enthusiasts who want to learn and teach, are motivated and will help you to stay motivated and hopefully even become your friends.


Every Challenge has a host, a native person that will guide you everyday, keeping you motivated at all times.


We are a community of motivated language practitioners: the right environment to experiment with the language and make new discoveries.


The Challenge is online so you can practice at your convenience from your desktop computer or mobile phone.

25 Minutes

25 minutes a day is all you need to see results. You decide when, you decide where. Bliu Bliu Challenge is compatible with full time job and your relationship.


Original and fresh content is made specifically for Bliu Bliu by Challenges' hosts. Videos & audios are transcribed to make it easy for you to learn more words.

Google Hangout

Weekly online meetings with the host and the other students to check on the progress and to learn how easy it is to speak with natives and non-natives alike.

Host: Caroline Goldie

Bonjour, je suis Caroline, votre hôte !
My name is Caroline. I am originally from Bordeaux, France, but since I turned 18 years old some 10 years ago I've been living abroad, learning and now teaching languages. I've lived in Montenegro, Croatia, Scotland, Spain and I now share my time between two beautiful countries, Lithuania and Poland.
Although I am a trained French teacher, on BliuBliu I won't teach. The challenge is not a traditional language course. As a host, what I will do is facilitate communication in French among you who have decided to join. I'll do that by posting texts, pictures and videos on the challenge social wall and encouraging you to do the same, by commenting on your posts and by organising a hangout session (which is an online video call) once a week during the month that the challenge will last.
Bienvenue parmi nous et à bientôt !

What you will become in 30 days?

Total Beginner
30 days
  • 1500 - 2000 new words
  • In 30 days you will learn how to read and pronounce the language. You will understand real conversations and you will be able to express yourself using the language. You will get an initial feeling for the grammar, understanding and being able to use the most important rules.
30 days
  • 2000 - 3500 words
  • In 30 days you will read faster. You will be able to understand more complex subjects. Natives speaking at a medium tempo won't be hard to understand. You will speak correctly without thinking about the rules.
30 days
  • 3500 - 5000 words
  • You will acquire lots of new words, making the ones you already know stronger and stronger. The challenge will improve your comprehension skills and speaking will feel so much easier. You will have the chance to work on your personal weaknesses to sound more and more fluent.
  • 5000 - 10 000 words
  • In 30 days you will get deeper and deeper into the language. You will clean up your accent, polishing it to the point that you will sound like a native. You will learn expressions and phrases that only natives use.

You will learn

  • How to speak French while having fun
  • How to get the best out of Bliu Bliu
  • How to get natives to talk to you in French
  • How to find the time to practice


My learning experience with Bliu Bliu has been awesome so far; the convenience is a huge thing: I can learn languages anywhere without having to carry a dictionary or do anything else - the information I need is right there, and if I want to test myself then i just don't use it! Your tool has encouraged me to seek out my own interests rather than just follow a set curriculum given to me; I find myself watching the news in foreign language most days!
Christian, United States
I think your work deserves that 59,99. The fact that you are very cooperative and that anyone interested in learning something in particular has a chance to influence the classes & material, is for me a big reason for subscribing to your full content. I enjoy the easy teacher-student-student communication. Your classes are motivational, fun and inspiring way of learning the language the native way. The content is useful, constantly growing and I see how it is getting better & better. The breakfast session is great!
Helena, Finland
I’m studying languages with Bliu Bliu. I have chosen this website because its flexible study options. Also, the content is very useful, so I can use it in my daily life. And the most important for me, there is no worries about making mistakes. So I will definitely recommend Bliu Bliu for my friends who want to study languages because it’s fun, easy and very attractive.
Milda, Lithuania



  • Bliu Bliu content
  • Bliu Bliu optimized learning curve


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  • Bliu Bliu content
  • Bliu Bliu optimized learning curve
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  • Bliu Bliu content
  • Bliu Bliu optimized learning curve
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  • Native speaker (host) to help you
  • Confidence to speak
  • Community
  • Online group meetings
  • Motivational hack
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  • Stress free environment
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