Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bliu Bliu?

How many times have you heard about someone learning a language without ever studying it?
Or being able to understand and speak only from watching movies?
You get the idea.
We’ve been there and we decided to turn this “natural” language acquisition into easy, fun and quick way to learn new languages.
As many languages as you wish! As quickly as you wish!

You’re saying I can learn any language?

Yes! You can learn any language and Bliu Bliu can help you doing it.
Our method can be applied to learn any language at all. At the moment Bliu Bliu has around 100 languages and we’re focusing all our efforts on optimizing content for each of those languages.

So how do I learn a language with Bliu Bliu?

With Bliu Bliu learning a language comes very naturally. We like to say learn without studying. So here’s how it works:

- Bliu Bliu pulls from the Internet authentic material that matched your current level in the language
- You acquire new words and language structures by focusing on the meaning of the content
- We don’t teach you grammar or rules
- Bliu Bliu learns about your level and adjusts the content for you
- All of the sudden you no longer notice that the content you’re consuming is in a different language

And that’s the method that makes language acquisition easy, natural and, above all, inevitable.

Here is a old but powerful video from a linguist, educational researcher, and activist Dr. Stephen Krashen, explaining how we learn languages consuming content at our level

How does Bliu Bliu platform work?

Bliu Bliu easily shows which words you know/don’t know. Technology behind Bliu Bliu learns about your current level in the language from those words and finds content with new words in a context that you recognize, so you keep improving all the time.
It’s a continuous learning process on both sides - you learn a new language while Bliu Bliu learns about your knowledge, constantly adjusting the content for you to match your current level in the language.

"On My Own" vs "Challenges"

Bliu Bliu offers 2 main learning processes:
- On My Own
- Challenges

On My Own

We have plenty of content for all the languages and you can engage with Bliu Bliu without any assistance from us.
Simply use the platform, consume as much or as little as you wish and continue improving all the time.

Manual learning is perfect when there is no time pressure to learn a language.


It’s a fast track 30 day language learning program where we ask you to give 10 minutes of your time every day and in return you get:
- Guidance through the learning process
Daily emails with tasks on what to do
- Lots of attention from us
- a native speaker answering all your questions
- Meet other students to learn and practice with
- Online conferences with a host to test and improve your language knowledge

Challenges are perfect for anyone who wants to quickly progress their language skills and speak like a native.

Learning without grammar? I’m not convinced..

Yes, braking practices that have been used for centuries is difficult. We won’t try to convince you.
Check out our user testimonials or even better, try it yourself.

This must cost me a fortune!

Quite the opposite. Bliu Bliu is one of the cheapest ways to learn a new language (even finding a girlfriend/boyfriend speaking your target language can be more expensive).
You can use Bliu Bliu for free all your life if you wish.
Or choose one of our monthly plans for a more convenient access to the system. Our monthly plans start at €5.99 if you purchase for the whole year and €7.99 if you pay as you go.
Going on holidays in a month and want to learn a language in time? We have that covered.
Join a language challenge for just €59.99 and speak that language in 30 days!


What is a language level test and why do I need to start by taking it?

Bliu Bliu knows nothing about you until you show us your language knowledge level.
We give you few easy and difficult words to find out what you already know and use this info to predict how many words you know in that language.

If you know the word "roof" we predict you know also "house". When you come to Bliu Bliu and your level if already intermediate our prediction system saves you a lot of time as you don't have to click all the new words the first time you see them.

Why some words are in RED?

Highlights help to attract attention. We use color system to indicate which words you know vs the ones you don’t know.
When you know a word make sure to click it to remove the RED highlight.

So what does RED, GREEN and no highlight mean?

Words in RED are your difficult words, words you can’t remember, words you have never seen before, words you are not so sure or even a bit confused.
Words in GREEN are words you just learned, removing the RED background.
Words with NO COLOUR are the words you easily recognize and understand.
All the words that you choose as GREEN loose their highlight, so all the words that are not highlighted are words that are not difficult for you.

Why should I click on words?

Every time you click on a word you teach Bliu Bliu about the words that you know.
Bliu Bliu constantly adapts to match your level in the language, adjusting the following content to your knowledge level.

When should I click on words?

Keep in RED only the words you can't understand or you can't remember.
If you see a word in RED that you can recognize, you should click it and remove the highlight. By clicking on that word you will tell Bliu Bliu that you know it and we will choose the following content based on your knowledge level.
Don't worry if you can't use it actively. If you can passively recognize it, just click it :)

I’m not sure if your are predicting my level correctly

The level test is just a starting point. It’s based on the frequency of the words in our database and there is no formula to tell us that if you know the meaning of “water”, you will know the meaning of “glass”. We can only make predictions. Which we do.
And we do it so you don’t get bored by clicking on every single word that we show you. Imagine if you’re an intermediate language user and you have to click on words like “I”, “You” etc! Boring!
The most important is to keep teaching Bliu Bliu about the words that you know, so our predictions get more accurate over time as we get to know you better.

How do you make these predictions?

Here’s a good example of predictions that we make: imagine you speak English and you are learning Italian. The English word “problem” is very similar to the Italian word “problema”. Bliu Bliu thinks that due to this similarity you know the Italian word without you having to click on it.
Once you know the Italian word “problema”, Bliu Bliu thinks that you also know the Italian word “problemi” (= problems).

Why some words that I don’t know were never highlighted in RED?

From the moment you take the initial level test and every time you click on a word, Bliu Bliu adjusts the prediction about how many words you know in that language. We’re not perfect, we know. So it’s up to you to correct us and click on all the words that you don’t know even if we didn't highlight them for you in the first place. Keep correcting us and the prediction will become more and more accurate.

I see a familiar word, but don’t know how to use it. Should I click on it?

You should click on all the words that you can easily recognize, even if you don’t know how to use them.
In order to learn difficult (RED) words quicker, you need to see them surrounded by words that you can easily understand. Hence Bliu Bliu gives you content with minimum RED words and maximum GREEN words.
By clicking on words that you easily recognize, you increase the probability to see them more often and so you get exposed to different content where these words are used.

Ok, so I click and click. Can I ever see the progress that I’m making?

At the top of the your page in the middle, you will see a green element with a number, just like that.

It shows how many words you know. This is not the words we predict you know but the actual words you see on Bliu Bliu and mark as GREEN/EASY.
If you want to see your progress over time, click on the WordCounter and we’ll show you how many words you’ve learned today, this week and this month.

The WordCounter (green element at the top of the page) shows that I am learning new words every time I go next, even if I don’t click. What’s going on?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. Especially during the first days using Bliu Bliu while the systems is learning about you.

As mentioned we make some predictions about your language skills. Every time we show you a new word we count it as learned (or known) and credit it to your account under the WordCounter.

So make sure that all the words (highlighted and not) reflect your true language understanding. If you know a RED word, click on it. If you don’t know a word that is not highlighted, click on it.
You learn = we learn. Our predictions will get more accurate over time, just like your language skills.

NOTE: this "problems" affect mostly intermediate and advanced students. We help you so that you don't have to click on the words you already knew before using Bliu Bliu.

It’s all about reading. Will I be able to speak?

At first it may seem that Bliu Bliu won’t help you much with speaking skills as you spend most of the time consuming content without speaking. However, did you know that being able to pronounce the words has nothing to do with practice? It’s mostly related to bravery to simply talk.
Our users have proved it. Many used Bliu Bliu before going on holidays and they were able not only to understand the natives but also to communicate with them. Ok, the language maybe was a little broken, but who cares if you’re able to make friends and have conversations in a language that you’ve just learned with Bliu Bliu?
Still would like to practice your pronunciation before speaking to natives in a natural environment? Join our language challenge where we have speaking practice.

I am a total language beginner. Is it for me?

Some languages are optimized for total beginners, meaning that we created special content to walk you through the first week in that language.
Others are not, so you might struggle a bit more to explore the system during the first week.
For example, if you know English, learning Italian is quite easy due to the word friends.
So if you have any experience with a language already – Bliu Bliu is right for your.
For language like Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, you need to know at least how to read the alphabet.


What type of content can I find on Bliu Bliu?

Bliu Bliu pulls authentic content from the Internet that matches your current level in the language.
For some languages we have access to more content than others.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the content in the language you are studying, you might want to consider to join our community of volunteers and help us improving the quality of the content.

Can I upload my own content?

You can upload texts/videos and books
1. Go to My text
2. Upload your favorite content
3. Add a link to a youtube video
4. Enjoy your content

Can I upload my own Books?

You can upload your own books, of course.

1. Go to the book section
2. Upload a book
Bliu Bliu supports books in *.epub, *.pdf, *.mobi, *.txt, *.docx formats
3. Enjoy your favorite book

I can’t upload a specific book, what could be the problem?

if the book you are trying to upload is in a format we support ( *.epub, *.pdf, *.mobi, *.txt, *.docx) often the problem is that the book is protected using DRM (Digital Rights Management). Unfortunately these books are protected and Bliu Bliu can’t use them

Sometimes books are too big to upload. If you think this is the case, write us an email at and we will try to solve the problem.

Why your translations are so broken?

To translate languages is one of the hardest thing to do, even for humans. Computers do this quite well but not perfectly. We use Google Translate on Bliu Bliu and we know it’s not perfect but it’s probably one of the best tool out there.
Few tips to get the best out of this
1. before checking the translation, try to understand that word from the context
2. if you understand english, make sure to translate always to English this is the most accurate
3. If translation on the single word is not convincing, trying to translate the entire paragraph, that usually helps

I should not be able to click on names like “John” !!!

If you ever see John in RED, we’re in big trouble.
Jokes aside, we’re a very young platform growing very fast and thus some mistakes in content can happen. Please don’t be mad at us, instead we would really appreciate your help in fixing them.
Here is a list of potential issues you might find with content while we’re working day and night on improving it:

· word friends (cognates) are not recognized and are still in RED
· Names of people, places, commonly known objects are still RED
· we might miss that “problems” is simply the plural of “problem” and still show it in RED
· music videos might be missing as YouTube is constantly removing them
· any other obvious mistakes that are inevitable taking content from the Internet

If you find any of the above or anything else, we’d really really appreciate that you take the time to send us a quick note at
and we would appreciate it even more if you add:
· the Bliu Bliu url of the content with an issue
· description of the issue
· ABSOLUTE BONUS TO US: the correct version

You can also report the content and specify the changes to be made on the report.
Please use common sense and only send us words that are by default general knowledge to everyone. We will make them GREEN forever and every student will appreciate your effort just as much as we will.

Does Bliu Bliu recognize phrases or only single words?

At the moment we only have single words. Phrases are coming.
We know that "take off" is not just "take" + "off" but a completely different word.

Phrases are coming…

Why the user interface is not translated in my native language?

At the moment the user interface is translated only in English, Italian and Lithuanian.
Would you like to help us translating the interface in your own language?
Send us an email at


Why should I join a challenge?

During the challenge you get the Premium access, meaning unlimited time on Bliu Bliu
But you also get to be part of a closed Facebook group where we create around you the right environment to practice the language and start using it.
You get Bliu Bliu Premium
You get access to an exclusive group of motivated people
And plus we will invite you to hangout with the host to really practice the language.
The challenge is meant so that you boost your understanding skills (using Bliu Bliu) and your speaking skills.

Can I study more than one language with my Premium account?

YES! The premium account gives you access to all the languages on Bliu Bliu.
So you can study a language and at the same time maintain all your other languages.
You can also share the account with another person to study different languages but then you need to make sure nobody is messing up with the other person account :)

I just paid for using Bliu Bliu. What if I am not happy with it?

So far few people complained and for whatever reason they did it, we gave their money back.
We have a 30 days 100% money back guarantee.
If at the end of the 30 days you won’t be happy with the service we will give you all your money back. So you really have nothing to worry about.


Will you make a mobile app?

Yes. For now Bliu Bliu works on mobile phones and tablet but we are planning, before the end of the year, to come up with a mobile application.

What does the leaderboard measure?

The leaderboard measure your total involvement with Bliu Bliu in the last 7 days.
It’s a mix of time spent, words learned, content consumed and content uploaded.
Basically, the more you use Bliu Bliu the more you learn the more points you make.
We count only the last 7 days to make it fair for new users to climb to the top of the chart :)

ok ok...but how do I get more points?

every 10 min spent: 5 points
every 1h spent: 10 points
first 1000 words: 10 points
first 2000 words: 5 points
every 1000 words: 1 point
every text: 5 points
every new word known: 1 point

How do I re-start learning a language from zero?

1. Go to your settings
2. Languages
3. Delete the language from the list
4. Add the language again

But careful, this action will delete every information you saved about this language.

Your system is unreal. Who are the genius behind the code?

Simas Skrebiškis is the genius developer behind Bliu Bliu. He is the CTO of Bliu Bliu and he is a search engine expert. Actually there is no single thing he can’t do using a computer.
He is the guy behind our code, making sure that nothing breaks.
And when things get broken, he is fixing them making them magical once again.

The design of Bliu Bliu is so cool. Who made it?

Domas Markevičius is the designer behind all the animations and cool graphics of Bliu Bliu He comes from the gaming industry and he is a young and really talented designer.


Can I help improving the quality of the content?

Some languages have better content than others. We are creating teams of volunteers around the world making videos and writing stories for Bliu Bliu. It’s very easy and if you could donate few hours of your time we could really improve the quality of Bliu Bliu.
If you love your native language and you want more people to learn it, contact us at
You can also help with other languages that you are studying but the most valuable help you can give us is with your native language.

What content do you need to add a new language?

Do you want to study a language that is not in the list?
Help us adding valuable content

We would love to get:
· 100 Total beginners videos
· 100 Easy text for beginners
· 100 videos of a native talking at a medium tempo and showing daily situations
· 300 texts about morning routine, afternoon/lunch situations and dinner/going to sleep related stories.

· a collections of Jokes
· a collections of videos + transcriptions
· a collections of songs (video + lyrics)
· a freely available corpora that we can use. A large collection of texts to build a more reliable frequency index.

Write us an email at to help us with new languages.

How can I help to create content for total beginners?

At the moment we content suitable for beginner and total beginner only for few languages. This means that for most languages Bliu Bliu is really good only if you are already at a beginner/intermediate level.
Help us making Bliu Bliu beginner friendly, help us creating a total beginner course.
it takes just 5 hours to improve Bliu Bliu quality: together we can make a total beginner course to help all the people learning on Bliu Bliu.

Send us an email at

Can I become the Host of a challenge?

Do you want to become a host of a challenge?
Send us an email telling us who you are and why you would like to host a challenge on Bliu Bliu.
We can tell you it’s fun to do, rewarding, and you can even make good money from this.
Write us an email at
· who you are
· why you want to be a host
· send us a link to a video on youtube of you speaking your native language